Stocking Inspiration for toddlers

One of my favourite memories as a child on christmas morning was finding my stocking at the end of my bed filled with little treats and treasures its a tradition I want to carry on with my girls so I’ve put together some stocking inspiration ideas for toddlers! 1. A must have for any toddlers – chocolate coins!2. My girls love getting into my make up when ever they can so I found them a little princess set with some little dress up make up bits in from argos.3. Crayons are always a winner for toddlers  and these are even better – handmade from 100%…

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My Three Girls

Maisy – Bella – Lottie Have you ever seen 3 children look more a like? Even I’m taken by surprise when I put three pictures together and compare they really could be the same child, thankfully I recognise who’s who mainly by the outfit or surroundings. These 3 pictures were all taken when the girls were roughly 3/4 months and that is the age there little personalities start to show through and I tell you three little girls that look so similar couldn’t be more different. Maisy If I had only one word to describe Maisy it would be Diva, she is the most…

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Top toddler buys

The other day I posted my top baby buys. Today I’m going to share with you my top toddler products, little bits I have found to make life with toddlers just a little easier. tangle teaser, One of the worst things with my girls crazy curly hair is trying to get it brushed and looking like the haven’t just been dragged through a bush. I brought this hair brush for myself and it has since become the kids these make brushing there hair so much easier, don’t get me wrong they still scream in protest but it makes it a lot quicker!  …

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