No Added Sugar With Yazoo!

Last weekend the girls and I headed off on another little adventure, this time we visited Bradford on Avon to see the guys at YAZOO ahead of an exciting new product launch. We all know YAZOO it’s one of those brands we grew up with, I remember heading down to the shops on a Saturday morning for a milk shake and a bag of pick and mix. In a day where we are all a lot more health conscious and even more conscious of the foods and drinks we give to our children YAZOO have launched there new no added sugar range…

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Greek yogurt ice lollies

I, like most parents am always thinking about what is going into my children’s bodies, they do like a treat but I’m always looking for different ways I can make that treat just a bit more healthy. We decided to give Greek yogurt ice lollies a go. My girls love an ice lolly and especially with this hot weather I thought this would be great to make with them for nice cold afternoon snack. And how simple was is to make! I mean even i didn’t manage to fluff this one up so it must be. Strawberry greek yogurt icelolliesYou’ll need;  ice lolly moulds (I got mine from…

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