Hello 2016

I know we are a week in and I wasn’t really going to write a post like this this year but heck I have so much going on in my brain at the moment I hoped writing it all down would give me a clear head. So 2015 was a tough year, possibly the toughest for me yet. I haven’t written much on the subject because well quite frankly I couldn’t find the words but in a nutshell my relationship with the girls dad broke down and I found myself at 23, a single parent to my three little princesses. It…

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Toddler New Years resolutions

With the new year being well and truly upon us I’ve been constantly reading everyone’s resolutions, dreams and goals for 2015. Whether it’s to eat healthier, exercise more, live life to the full everyone seems to have some. Then I look at my little toddlers oblivious to the fact on this day most vow to change there lives a little for the better and it got me thinking if babies/toddlers could make a resolution what would they be?    Lottie’s resolutions    I know mums trying to take the boob away I’ve noticed it’s becoming less an less she thinks…

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