A knot in my stomach I just can’t shift

It felt like a matter of days ago I was writing our A-Z of summer fun and gearing up for the holidays now I am sat here with back to school looming and a knot in my stomach about it. Last year Maisy started school and I was cool as a cucumber, she had been in the nursery at the school in the year previously so I was used to taking her in everyday, she had her friends already, knew her teacher and the routine of the day at school. Bella doesn’t, I kept her at another┬ánursery which is completely…

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It’s nearly half term..

Next week will be half term (mini celebratory dance). This term has been our toughest yet. Maisy started reception in September and I have never seen a little person more in need of a holiday. I mean you think you know tired when you have a newborn but I really feel for this little girl of mine she’s absolutely exhausted. Bed time is some nights an hour earlier than usual – mind you I’m not complaining my longer evenings are a god send when trying to keep on top of work but she really needs this week off just to…

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Maisy starts school

It’s happened!!! The day you think about from the day they are born but never really think will come, my biggest princess has now started school EEEK! The past few week’s have been a mixture of emotions for me I am used to her going off in her little uniform each morning because last year she was at the schools nursery but knowing now that I can’t just take her out for the day to go to peppa pig world or where ever we fancy is a strange feeling. That’s it now she has so be in school come rain…

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