My Biggest Holiday Gripes

It’s been a couple of years since I have taken the girls abroad, and as you can imagine  by now I am itching for some fun in the sun. I’ve found myself searching all week for the perfect summer holiday for us (when I probably should be working) it’s dawned on me I am actually quite picky nowadays! Where as I used to just find a good price and off I’d go now I am looking into facilities and things like transfer times – I have turned into a real responsible grown up. There is of corse good reason for this, have…

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What my car-less week has taught me

Last Thursday I was driving home and something didn’t feel right in the car, the clutch was noisy and vibrating under my foot like a mad thing. The next day my fears were confirmed the clutch was on its way out, not gone but I was advised to only really drive it in an emergency until it is fixed as I could break down anywhere – this is my worst fear breaking down at some busy junction with the kids in the car, I wouldn’t have a clue what to actually do and would probably sit and cry until someone…

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