The End Of Party Season

Party season is officially over for another year in this household. December – February is always a mad couple of months for me with all three princesses birthday’s and christmas thrown in for good measure. Throwing kids parties is stressful, there is so much to do and it costs a bloody fortune but I have made it out the other side. Yes skint but still semi-sane. Each year I say I won’t do parties again and each year I do so I’m not even guna bother saying it, my girls do love a party and I must admit when it…

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A little bit of me time..

As a parent to 3 young girls I rarely have a moment to my self in between looking after them, trying to keep them entertained and keeping on top of the chores there doesn’t often seem to be much time left over for my self.  Before Lottie I used to go to the gym a couple of times a week but even that has become a thing of the past, as much as I adore my girls I would be lying if I said it hasn’t got me down recently – it has.  I’ve felt frustrated boring and unmotivated.  Cue…

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Blogfest 2014!

If you read my recent post blogfest you’ll know I was heading off this weekend to a blogging conference hosted by the lovely ladies at Mumsnet, you’ll also know I was incredibly nervous and up until even the night before I was still questioning whether or not I’d actually make it! But come saturday morning with a tummy full of butterflies and not knowing at all what to expect I hopped (or more accurately dragged myself) on to a train at 5:28 and headed off to London – yes trains run at that unsightly hour, who knew!?  After not even 6 months of writing this blog I threw myself in at…

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