Making Changes

One of my resolutions this year was to get back into my fitness and start eating healthier. My relationship with food is very up and down I have a particularly sweet tooth and chocolate is my weak spot oh and not to mention crips with dip! There are two main reasons I want to make some changes to my diet: On the whole the kids eat very well (much better than me) its something I have always been a little strict on – yes they have there treats but it is a treat. As they get older though I do not want them to…

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It’s here – December has arrived now all the scrooges out there can stop whining about everyone being excited already about christmas an join in as well – we know you love it secretly too.December is a mad month for everyone for some reason this year December seems slightly more mental than usual for us starting with:  Visiting Santa; I am very hopeful that this year the children will not break down hysterically and refuse to have their picture taken with the big man. They are at an age where they actually understand father christmas = presents so with that…

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