Breast feeding – when’s the right time to stop?

I’m really proud of myself for how long I have managed to feed Lottie, I didn’t manage to get anywhere near as far with Maisy and Bella but this time I was very determined and it just worked – I love feeling so close and connected with her. That doesn’t mean at times in the early days I didn’t struggle there were moments I couldn’t see us making it to 9 days let alone 9 months! I found breast feeding support groups a god send and thank god for google helping me to find the answers to every little question I had.  (Tip for any new…

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Which bottle is best?

Before I start this post id just like to state it’s more of a plea for help..  Baby Lottie is 6 months old she has been exclusively breast fed since day one and basically went straight to the boob an hasn’t left since which don’t get me wrong is brilliant ino some have a really tough time getting the latch correct, but now I’m experiencing other issues that is never even thought about before. She won’t have anything else! I’ve tried expressing, I’ve tried formular not interested, I’ve tried tommee tippee,advent, nuby, beakers and even a normal cup she won’t…

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