Cafe de Bain Review & Giveaway

With bake of season in full swing every Wednesday out evenings are filled with pastries and cakes and well baking. This year I have gotten into properly for the first real time and I have the baking bug! I have even extended it to my bath time – no I do not sit in the tub eating cakes I am talking about the absolutly delicious range from Cafe de Bain. With four amazing scents to chose from raspberry and rose creme tart,sweet vanilla madeleine, coconut macaroon and cherry and almond frangipane, each one smelling almost good enough to eat. I have…

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Switching off and unwinding

I love my blog – like really love my blog, I see it as an extension of me. A place for all my grumbles and random musings, a place to record our lives and the crazy journey of parenthood we are on. BUT big but after a year of going for it and devoting a hell of a lot of time to it I started to feel myself burn out, something I love so much was feeling a little bit like a chore at times. Which is when I knew I needed to take a little bit of time out…

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