Baby Paints With Yogurt!

Lottie is 11 months now and in recent months I have noticed she is becoming more and more interested in the things her sisters are up to as well, we often mess about with arts and crafts and I like to get them involved with cooking or preparing food but its just not something Lottie is old enough to do – cue lots of shouting on her part and me feeling very guilty whilst trying to share my attention between the three of them!  So I have been looking for ways to get Lottie involved so thats still safe for her even if…

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Christmas santa salt dough handprints

I wanted to have a go at some home made christmas decorations. I’m not the most crafty of people so I wanted something pretty simple that looks good and the children could join in. So we went for some santa salt dough handprints with a christmassy feel! First up I made the salt dough using:  1 cup of plain flour  1 cup of salt  half a cup of water  I just threw the ingredients into a bowl and gave them a good stir, once it started to come together I turned the mixture out onto a work surface and kneaded until it was a smooth kind…

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