Stocking Fillers From Rex London

As we are now officially in November I think it is acceptable to start talking about the C word.

Yes, that’s right. Today we are talking about Christmas. And more importantly my favourite thing to shop for, for my girls – their stockings!

Stocking’s have always been my favourite. As a child it was the best thing to open. I remember trying to stay awake to catch Santa putting it at the end of my bed but never managing to keep my eyes open long enough. Now that the girls are older I just love sneaking in and hearing them squeal with happiness when they find it at the end of their beds at some ungodly hour in the morning. It, to me is what Christmas is all about.

This year we are trying to go down the ‘lets not buy things for the sake of it’ route with Christmas gifts. But that’s not going to stop me when it comes to the stocking’s. That’s a non negotiable and I know I will still be making the girls a stocking even when they’re my age.

Quite naturally with it being my favourite thing, it’s the first thing I have started buying from.

REX London recently got in touched and asked if I would like to have a little shop on their website and I was immediately filling my basket with little bits and bobs I knew the girls would love.
I was blown away by the selection of product but I also couldn’t believe the prices! Such good value for really sweet and unique gifts.

You won’t guess how much all this cost… I can’t quite believe it myself. I bought all of this for £30! 

There are a couple of gifts in their for Elsie; the bamboo plate, bowl, cup and cutlery set which was £1 a piece in the sale – bargain. They’re super cute and at Elsie’s age, she really has no idea what is going on so some practical gifts are always ideal.
I also picked up a little nightlight and the cloud book ends for her bedroom. Lastly some hair accessories, I think Lottie may end up with the leopard clips but I loved the cookie cat design for Elsie.

For the big girls I picked up a game/craft set each. Maisy is obsessed with sloth’s so when I spotted ‘make your own Sydney the Sloth‘ I had to get it.

I also chose some eraser sets, nail stickers for Bella and Lottie and some temporary tattoos for Maisy. All in all I am so happy with the start I have made to their stocking’s now. Christmas always has a habit of sneaking up on me but not this year – this year I am prepared.

REX London also have a wide range of gifts for the rest of the family and homeware. They are definitely worth checking out when you get started on your Christmas shopping.

*This post has been sponsored by REX London. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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