Family and work: Where did the balance go?

With the increase of working from home brought on by the pandemic, we try to map out the challenges that arise and seek the coveted balance in the lives of working parents. Cute videos with parents trying to work while their children jump on the couch. The image of a mother in a zoom meeting, while in the background a little voice is heard: “I’m hungry”!

They are scenes that we did not all experience just as gracefully as we juggle family and work life. Especially mums who have (in most cases not all) been the ones to juggle this new work environment at home.

Everyone tries to be adequate both as parents and as employees, but again it is not enough. We think that today will be a day different from the previous ones, but in the end, we experience the same feeling of guilt for something we did – or did not do – wrong.

Family and work in the pandemic

According to the Women in the Workplace 2020 survey, since the beginning of the pandemic, one in three mothers has considered staying still in their professional development or resigning from their job. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4 out of 10 working parents have reported job insecurity and fear that their childcare responsibilities are unacceptable and consider it a risk for their position to make use of parent-friendly arrangements.

Working parents – and especially mothers – felt their daily lives crushed. Suddenly their supportive framework (care structures, grandparents) were lost, and at the same time, they were called to support the educational process of their children. All this while the obligations at home remained the same or even increased due to the constant presence at home.

Eurofound research clearly shows how disproportionately the work-life balance for mothers has been burdened. Women spend more hours than men on childcare and household chores. At the same time, mothers have experienced and continue to experience intense stress for their loved ones and for themselves, which has in turn caused mental health to suffer significantly.

Balance and self-care

In such circumstances, what can be the balance of work and family? Work/family balance sounds like an empty content slogan. In essence, it was always like this: Empty until everyone gave it the content it wanted.

This coveted balance is much more a personal feeling than a measurable factor. It is not measured and has no prescription. One can find it in tiny acts of self-care (a warm bath, a friendly chat, 20 pages from a favourite book, etc.) or in ten minutes of absolute silence with ten long and deep breaths. Let’s mention it as self-care. It is crucial for parents because it supports the inner balance and the way they interact as parents with their children.

New challenges

We do not know what will be written in the future about where we live. For the consequences on the mental and physical health of children. For the changes caused in the way we all work. When we think about all these issues, it helps us to “open our inner lens”. Because sometimes many are forgotten, and the inner parental judge shouts at them without taking into account the conditions and the environment.

We have seen all this time a lot of courage and bravery from working mothers. Along with the guilt, the difficulties and the problems, the inner fist unfolded to keep the psycho-emotional environment safe for their children and to achieve what was previously impossible. Working mothers now have the opportunity to choose professions that will enable them to create a healthier and more creative life. One of these professions is that of voice acting, which offers huge opportunities for flexibility and creativity. Using her skills and knowledge, a young working mother can work from home without worrying about problems that used to concern her. By visiting the page, she now has the opportunity to develop into a very promising profession, with the best possible earnings and development opportunities.


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  1. February 16, 2022 / 3:17 pm

    Thank you, Amy, for covering such important things. To stay sane and not get depressed, I get out of home twice a week to work. Usually, I go to a coworking space, sometimes I go to a cafe, and less often to a library. I have noticed that I’m most productive when I work there.

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