Dressing for Your Shape – What You Need to Know

Looking good is essential. When you are dressed in a way that you like your confidence soars.

The good news is that these days, finding nice clothes in any size is relatively easy. You can buy some great plus size clothing from simplybe.co.uk.

From the very start, this innovative women’s clothing retailer made clothes that were designed specifically for the fuller figure. They were market leaders and, fortunately, other retailers are starting to follow their lead.

So, now, no matter how curvy you are it is not hard to find what you want. However, you do still need to choose wisely. Key to be able to do this is understanding what your body type is and which styles and cuts will suit you the most. To help you with this, here is a quick rundown of what you need to know.

Measure yourself the right way

You will need your measurements to be able to accurately work out your body type. If you can get a friend to help you, do so. Then, use this calculator to work out what shape body you have.

Dressing an apple shaped body

If you have broad shoulders and a bigger bust than your hips you are apple-shaped. The key to dressing this body type is avoiding anything that draws attention to the stomach area. Try to avoid wide belts, clothes that are tight in this area. Wear clothes that flow from the bust and flare out enough to hang away from the stomach area slightly. Show off your legs if you feel comfortable doing so.

The right clothes for a straight or rectangular body shape

If your waist is less than 9 inches smaller than your bust or hips, the chances are you are classed as rectangular. This body shape is sometimes also referred to as banana. 

Surprisingly this is the most common body shape. In North America, around 46% of women fall into this category. When dressing, try to choose tops that finish mid-hip, dresses with a peplum waist. Skinny or tapered jeans can work for you, but if you like wider leg trousers avoid the type that flares out from the knee. Instead, choose a pair that tapers out gradually from the hips.

Choosing clothes for a pear-shaped body

If your hips are bigger than your waist and bust, you fall into the pear-shaped category. For you, the key to looking good is drawing attention to your upper body. Bright or bold blouses and tops are the way to go. Wear straight cut trousers and skirts. If they flare out from the knee area, or below, that is even better.

Dressing your hourglass shaped body

As the name indicates, women with this body shape have a relatively narrow waist, with hip and bust measurements that are bigger and fairly equal. Traditionally, this is seen as the ideal body, which is a bit of a shame considering that only around 8% of women fit into this category.

If you are hour-glass shaped fitted clothes that emphasise your curves is what you need. Figure-hugging wrap tops and jersey knits will look especially good. Choose v-neck styling. You will be able to wear most types of trousers. If you want to wear something long and flowing, you can buy nip it in at the waist using a belt.

Don’t forget the accessories

Choosing the right accessories will also help. Those little finishing touches make a huge difference to how good you look and feel. If you would like a few suggestions about which accessories to buy for your A/W wardrobe just click here. I wrote that particular article a couple of years back, but the advice in it is just as valid today as it was then.


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