A day with Arla Organic Free Range Milk

Milk; always at the top of the shopping list, always the item we seem to get through first. The girls love a glass of milk throughout the day and I love a splash in my coffee.

It’s one of those items I’ve picked up each week for years. Never really giving much thought as to where it comes from.

Until recently that is; I have started to look into where my food and drink is grown and produced lately and our milk has been no different. The swap to Arla Organic Free Range Milk was one of the first changes I made once I started paying more attention. Knowing that all of Arla’s British farmers keep to the highest animal welfare standards and that all cows are FREE RANGE, grazed outside on 100% organically farmed land makes me feel so much better.

Arla Organic Free Range Milk recently asked me to document an average day using their delicious milk, I started the day thinking we were really huge milk consumers but by the end of it I noticed just how much I do.

The day began as always with a coffee; strong with just half a sugar in case you were wondering. Coffee is the only way to start the morning’s for me. I have started switching to decaf of late though!
Breakfast time, porridge to start the day off just right as the grandparents would say. I used to hate the stuff now I have it almost ever single day, the creamy goodness of Arla’s Organic Free Range Whole Milk making it lovely.

By the second coffee – I am back to functioning like an adult and ready to face the school run!

A quick after school snack for the girls to keep them going until dinner. I combine a cup of Arla’s Organic Free Range Milk and a handful of Blueberries to make them a yummy milk shake! They love me making these and I love knowing they are having something healthy that keeps them happy until dinner.

Now you see why milk is always at the top of my shopping list!

Making the switch to Arla has been easy; it tastes good costs just £1.75 for 2L bottle and I feel good knowing I am supporting British Farmers! What’s to stop you?

*Collaborative post with Arla Organic Free Range Milk.


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