Practicality meets style with Brakeburn

As a mum to three young daughters life is never dull; we always have something going on or somewhere we need to be. Being always on the go I need a wardrobe that can keep up with me and my girls.
I love to feel comfortable in what I am wearing but I hate to think I am loosing all sense of style since becoming a mum. Being stylish and keeping up with the latest trends seems to go right out of the window when you have young children. Now that they’re getting a little older I do feel as though I can pull some of that back. I have come through the thick fog of breast pads and nappy changes and I can now leave the house without 3 bags and sick down my t-shirt – it’s great!

While I would love to be a trend setter rocking up to the school in a swish frock and heels In reality I will probably always be a jeans and tee kind of girl. I always have been but that can still be on trend in it’s own way, right? I think the difference is in the accessories/shoes and coats, this is where I like to take my time choosing and invest in really good quality products.

Recently Brakeburn got in touch and asked me to choose a couple of items from their online shop. Goodie I thought, guilt free shopping is my fave. What I hadn’t counted on was falling in love with the brand and going back to eye up new coats I don’t need every few days since.

Brakeburn pride themselves on being a British brand that provides high quality clothing to support an active lifestyle. They are also just based down the road from me which I think is so cool. As a brand they seem to be going from strength to strength and I am so glad I have discovered them now!

So on with the shopping; I chose this pair of ankle boots, I think they’re gorgeous! Not only are they grey (I am the queen of grey) they are so padded and just the comfiest thing I have even put my foot in. They look so lovely on. The attention to detail is amazing, it is the little touches that take a shoe from being nice to being the shoe you reach for everyday and the one everyone is asking ‘where can I find those?’.

I am so happy with these I can be on my feet all day without them aching and they make even a jeans and t-shirt combo look smart.

I also picked up a new backpack as my cheapo one was falling apart! This bag has been a god send for me on days out with the girls. It’s such a good size I can fit all the snacks/drinks/other child related c**p that we need in and it sits comfortably on my back so I have my hands free. I have seen the light I have ditched the handbag and I am never looking back.

I think it looks cool too! (Not saying I look cool, can you tell I hate having my photo taken – ignore my awkward poses the bag looks cool)
Again the detail is so nice – I do love me a stripe. My favourite thing about it is that it fully zips open, I hope that makes sense, alllll the way to the bottom so no more trying to rummage around to find the keys that have drifted to the deep dark depths of the bag.

Overall thoughts on Brakeburn are really positive, I think they have a great selection of well made products that are designed for comfort and longevity. I have one small, teeny request to make to them though…. can you bring out a kids range!?



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