Top Tips for Wannabe Wine Connoisseurs

So you think you know a lot about wine? Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two from this article. Being a wine connoisseur requires sharp senses as well as an informed mind. To be a true expert, you have bridge the gap between theory and practice and learn a little about everything concerning the wonderful world of oenology. Whether you want to gauge your wine knowledge or learn some new tricks, you should enjoy the following pointers.

The Most Popular Wine Related Smartphone App

If you haven’t tried the app that’s taken the wine world by storm, it’s called Vivino then you should install it right now. It’s the world’s largest online database of wine, complete with reviews, tasting notes and all kinds of interesting user-submitted content. Additionally, this app features a photo label recognition system allowing you to quickly look up information on any wine bottle you find, simply by photographing the label. Very useful, entertaining and informative – this should become your trusted wine store sidekick.

The World Atlas of Wine and Other Reference Volumes

Another interesting way to expand your knowledge of wine is by collecting reference volumes that will add to your bulk of knowledge and provide all the up to date information you need to become a genuine wine expert. You might be surprised to learn there is a world atlas of wine out there, listing all the relevant vineyards by region – including information on everything from the grapes used in each wine and every technical term you will ever want to learn about.

Keep Expanding Your Comfort Zone by Trying New Wines

Once you start learning more about wines and wine culture, you’ll naturally want to keep trying new wines and even actively seeking particular labels to build up on your repertoire. At this stage, you should be mindful to keep expanding your comfort zone, if you truly want to grow. This involves trying new kinds of wines whenever possible – and we don’t mean just fine wines, but also budget offerings that will sometimes will reveal true hidden gems.

Learn about the Online Retailer of the Year Awards

If you haven’t heard about the online retailer of the year awards by winesdirect, you should read about it and get involved by casting your votes. These awards are based on surveys made to customers and subscribers of the leading wine website, which has been consistently growing a reputation as a trusted barometer of the most exciting current developments in worldwide wine culture. Since you are allowed and encouraged to vote for these awards as a consumer, it’s something to keep an eye out for if you like getting your opinions heard.

Try Side-by-side Wine Comparison and Discuss Your Experience

A fun way to keep experimenting and learning more about wines is to get involved in groups that organize wine tasting events. There, you’ll often be able to try side-by-side comparison of different labels, and it’s the perfect setting to discuss your experiences and exercise your knowledge of wine in a relaxed setting full of like-minded individuals who share the same passion.

Learn to Take Your Time and Fully Involve Your Senses

When you try a new wine, you must learn to really take your time and fully involve your senses in the experience. This is by far the most enjoyable aspect of wine tasting, and it can become an almost religious or meditative experience. Don’t just drink the wine – savour it, feel it, rejoice in it, describe it, experience the whole thing. Only when you can fully invest your being will you have your initial glimpses of what it really means to be a wine expert.

As you can see, being a wine connoisseur takes some effort and commitment. You have to keep refining your senses, even as you keep refining your understanding of the wine industry and build up a solid culture on everything wine related. If you’re truly passionate about wine, this process will be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

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