A new Côte Brasserie in Bournemouth

Last week I was invited down to the brand new Côte Brasserie to see what Bournemouth’s hottest new restaurant had to offer.

Côte is inspired by the brasseries of Paris; they offer a relaxed dining in beautiful surroundings,  serving authentic French dishes cooked to perfection.

The invitation was the perfect excuse for a little date night with my boy, he’s only back for three weeks at a time in between work so it’s nice for us to be able to get out and spend some quality time just the two of us.

 Côte Brasserie Bournemouth

On arrival we were greeted by the lovely friendly staff. I didn’t catch our waiter’s name but throughout the evening he was so helpful and attentive – without being too much. Despite the restaurant only being open for a week he knew the menu inside out and could advise us on what works well together.

We started out with some bread because yep I’m a carb monster, followed by yep more bread and pâté as a starter.

 Côte Brasserie Bournemouth

 Côte Brasserie Bournemouth

I always judge a restaurant by it’s bread (guilty) it has to be warm and fresh. Côte passed the first test in my ‘extensive food critique’.

The pâté was also pretty darn delicious, I first discovered a love of pâté about a year ago. I don’t know how I made it through life without it before hand.

 Côte Brasserie Bournemouth

 Côte Brasserie Bournemouth

For mains I opted for the goats cheese salad, I know adventurous. I wasn’t massively hungry though. Scott had the delicious Half Chargrilled ‘Breton’ Chicken served with Frites, and a Wild Mushroom Sauce. The portion sizes were really well sized – a lot bigger than I had expected. My salad was actually really tasty, a big statement for a salad, I love goats cheese and this was lovely  so rich, warm and gooey!

 Côte Brasserie Bournemouth

By the time dessert came around we were both feeling relatively stuffed. However we both felt it would of been incredibly rude not too have a little go at this frozen berries with a warm white chocolate sauce. I am so glad we did – yummy.

All in all we had a really nice evening enjoying some lovely foods, I love the relaxed vibe of Côte Brasserie. I am so glad we now have one here in Bournemouth and as Arnold would say… I’ll be back. 


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  1. Joanna
    August 20, 2017 / 6:20 pm

    I have to check this place out, as I live next to Bournemouth myself. The goats cheese salad looks delicious and i guess I am adventurous as well, as I always order anything with this type of cheese off the menu. I simply love it. The chicken looks yummy as well.

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