4 Pro Tips on Hiring a Handyman

A skilled handyman is a very valuable person to have on hand to help you take care of small maintenance tasks around your home. Handymen can perform anything from small paint jobs around your home to large home renovations. Choose the wrong handyman, and you might end up paying too much for shoddy work. On the other hand, picking the right person can ensure that you can get needed repairs completed on your house by someone that provides high-quality work at a fair price.

Handymen have different skills, expertise and licenses. Therefore, it is best to determine what work you need performed and look for a handyman that has the proper experience and is licensed to do that kind of work.

Here are four tips to help the hiring process.

#1 Get Referrals 

Asking for referrals are the best way to locate a great handyman. You can look online for handyman reviews and recommendations. Or, you can ask your family and friends if they know anyone that does excellent work. Once you get recommendations and speak with a handyman, ask him or her for referrals from previous homeowners. Follow-up on the referrals and contact former customers to get their opinion on the handyman’s skills and expertise.

#2 Ask if They are Insured and Licenced 

After you find a candidate to perform the work, ask about their license and insurance. Certain types of work require certain licenses and insurance. Find out what is needed where you are and ask to see proof that they have the necessary license and insurance. For instance, in many areas, to perform electrical work, a handyman must have electrician’s insurance and be licensed in that area. The same goes for plumbers.

#3 Get It in Writing  

When you find a good handyman, go over with them the work that you want to be completed and get a written estimate. The estimate should be itemised and list materials and labour costs separately. Also, once you make the decision to hire them, draw up a contract that lists the work needed to be completed, timeframe costs and any other details that are important.

#4 Make Sure There is a Guarantee

It is important to find a handyman that is willing to stand behind his work. Therefore, if you are not happy with the work, ask that it be redone or that he take care of quality issues. Make sure that the guarantee is part of your written contract. Be willing to speak up if the work is not completed per your specifications. This can save a lot of hassle and ended up preventing legal issues later on.

It can be difficult to find a good handyman. Following the above tips that were provided by experts can help you find someone that will perform high-quality and reasonably priced work. All of the above tips are important when it comes to choosing a handyman. The key is not skipping out on any of them.


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  1. March 20, 2021 / 4:48 pm

    These are great and helpful tips! Thank you for sharing.
    Glad I stopped by your blog!

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