Countryfile Live 2016

Countryfile Live 2016

A few weeks ago the girls and I were invited along by Blacks to visit Countryfile live for the day, I’ve not been before but with the promise of lots of family fun and hundreds of food stall I was sold.

The drive up was long, the whole world and his wife seemed to be sat on that dual carriage way at that time so yes it took a lot longer than I had hoped. On arrival we parked in a field just opposite Blenheim Palace and made the walk over to the event.

Country file Live 2016 entrance

I was so shocked at the size of the event I really didn’t expect it to quiet so big, there was so much going on, to see, do and most importantly eat!

Countryfile Live 2016

The girls were so happy to get their faces painted by a lovely lady who was doing it for free – bonus for mum! It got them right into the festival spirit after the long drive and we went off to explore what the rest of event had to offer.

We discovered some incredible treats as we walked around, we had some delicious Belgium chips (amazinggggg) we found the cutest meringue kisses and shared chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries.

Countryfile Live 2016 meringue kisses

Countryfile Live 2016 strawberries and marshmallows covered in chocolate

The girls whizzed down the Tractor Ted slide, we visited the guys at black and checked out the new A/W range, watched animal demonstrations (Bella even ended up with a clump of freshly shaved sheep’s wool) and even explored real tractors and diggers.

Countryfile Live 2016 digger

Countryfile Live 2016

As the afternoon grew later we listened to live music on a picnic blanket before it was time to head back to the car and make the long old drive back home (again full of traffic) but well worth it for a fab day out.

Countryfile Live 2016

The whole atmosphere of Countryfile live  was brilliant really friendly and great fun for the kids, defiantly would go again. Thanks for inviting us along Blacks – until next year!!

Countryfile Live 2016

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