The UK’s Barbecue Revolution

The UK’s Barbecue Revolution

I went out today without a coat, do you know what this means???? 
Spring/summer is almost here and theres nothing I am looking forward to more than a good BBQ and a catch up with friends.
Us Brits love a good cook out today I am brining you a guest post all about the UK’s Barbecue revolution.

When it comes to food trends, there’s been one of late that has taken the UK by storm – and that’s the love of barbecue (or BBQ if you’re more into abbrevs). We’re not just talking about having a few mates over and cooking (okay, burning) a pack of sausages either; this is serious stuff. Whether it be Texan, International or Caribbean (to name just a few), it seems we can’t go a week without a new, mouth-watering barbecue pop-up cropping up in the latest issue of Timeout.

Here’s a look at how the barbecue cooking phenomenon came to dominate the UK’s cuisine scene.

Barbecue cooking is taking the UK by storm (Image source: Creative Vix via StockSnap)

In The Beginning

According to this article on The Guardian, we Brits started going crazy for barbecued delights around 2010, after the modernisation and popularity of US barbecue food spread to the UK, with the opening of the first dedicated barbecue restaurants. It’s no exaggeration that barbecue is big business in the US. Thanks to them, we’ve found our love for slow-cooked Texan beef brisket and Kansas City burnt ends, as well as Memphis pulled pork and South Carolina mustard sauce. Thanks to this influence, there’s now an abundance of different style barbecue restaurants all over the UK.

Where To Find Good Barbecue In The UK 

Grillstock Festival (Image source: Lee_Byway via Flickr Creative Commons)

One of the first barbeque restaurants to open its doors in the UK was Grillstock in Bristol. Their menu is incredible, and they now run a barbecue and music event called Grillstock Festival each year, combining people’s widespread and enthusiastic love for music and meat.

If you’re in London, nothing compares to the international barbecue menu on offer at the Barbecoa London Steakhouse – it’s the UK’s first barbecue steakhouse and champions the use of several traditional fire-cooking methods to create delicious international barbecue dishes.

For those up North, Cane & Grain Manchester is dedicated to producing mouth-watering ribs – Memphis barbecue style. And last but not least, Smokeworks in Cambridge offer classic barbecue dishes that have been pulled, smoked and seasoned to perfection.

It’s Getting Competitive

This barbecue business is getting so serious that there’s now even an International BBQ Network (IBQN) based in the UK. The IBQN are dedicated to the grill and have now helped to run several barbecue competitions and classes all over Europe for the past seven years. One of these competitions is the popular PitMasters in Surrey, where each year competitors spend a whole weekend prepping, cooking and presenting their barbeque entries to the judges to become Grand Champions!

Having been around for over five years now, the popularity of barbecue cooking in the UK is only just beginning. There’s no denying that the barbeque craze is here to stay, so fire up the grill and get cooking!

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