Homeware Haul

Homeware Haul

Since we moved into our house almost year ago now i had big plans of how we can tart it up and get it looking how i want it too i love scrolling through pint rest getting loads of ideas. However that all they’ve ever been, plans and ideas we have hardly touched it since we’ve been here what with having another baby and then 2 toddlers to look after things have constantly been put back and its really starting to get to me! 
So the other day when I nipped into town for a few bits i ended up in wilko, browsing the home wear department usually i’ll just have a little window shop but not this time oh no! They have some really cute little bits in at the moment and at such great prices I went with my impulses and decided to give the lounge a mini make over! 

I’ve gone for a grey and pale pink colour scheme I think they look really nice together, I picked up some cushions I think they’ll look great, love the knitted style of them especially now were coming into the colder months makes me feel all cosy; they’re nice and plump as well no one like a flat cushion! 
Also got a new throw we have a leather sofa so I like to have blankets to cosy up in really like this one so soft and really big so me and all the kiddies can fit under!

I found these really pretty little decorative bits i think they look really nice in the window and add a splash of colour, I think they were about £4 each so i thought that was just amazing! The jar is probably my favourite i think its sooo pretty and will look lovely with a little candle inside. And the butterfly picture i just loved Bella was with me and she spotted this and I’m so glad she did!

The last two bit are for the hall i always seem to have letters and bits of paper or junk mail stacking up on the side so in a bid to get more organised i picked up this letter holder, and the heart candle holder i actually decided to get to put our keys in or loss change, they’re always getting lost so now they have a home! 

Just buying these few little bits and pieces have made me feel so much better about not having got all the decorating done yet with out costing the earth!

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