Guest post multi crafting mummy-bubble wrap printing

Guest post multi crafting mummy-bubble wrap printing
Today I’ve got a guest post coming from the lovely Nicola who blogs at multicrafting mummy, her blog is full of fab ideas for arts and crafts with children aged 2-6 I have definety got a few jotted down to try with my monsters so go check her out!

We love to re-use ordinary household items in our arts and crafts. At the weekend we purchased a new set of wine glasses. They came wrapped in bubble wrap and were placed into a cardboard box for us to bring home safely. Packaging materials are great to re-use in arts and crafts activities and they provided the inspiration for our Monday making session #makeitmonday.

We have used bubble wrap a couple of times before.  The first time we used it to create Jellyfish bodies and we have also used it to print legs onto our Octopus pictures  The kids really enjoyed painting and printing with the bubble wrap when we made our Octopus pictures, but it was quite tricky to handle as it got very slippy and messy very quickly.  Seeing the bubble wrap together with the cardboard from our wine glasses packaging gave me the idea of attaching the bubble wrap to the cardboard to make it stronger and therefore much easier for the kids to handle.

My toddler is very keen on learning shapes and colours at the moment, so I had the idea to cut out different shapes using the bubble wrap and then gluing these onto pieces of cardboard.   

These could then be painted and printed onto paper.  

 I discovered that bubble wrap isn’t that easy to cut, so make sure that this is done by an adult only with very sharp scissors. To make this interesting for my Pre-schooler as well, we just used the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow.  We then experimented in mixing these together and we came up with green, purple, orange and brown. 

We started by printing our shapes onto plain white paper, but then my Pre-schooler asked if we could print some onto the rest of the cardboard to see what that looked like.   

We then had a hunt around to see what other things we could find to print our shape stamps onto.  We tried canvas, coloured paper and bubble wrap as well.  

The canvas worked really well and my son was most fascinated by the bubble wrap.  I love the imagination of my Pre-schooler.  He often steers our activities in new directions. I try to encourage this as much as possible as it’s great for his confidence and he’s brilliant at coming up new ideas which I haven’t thought of. Never underestimate the mind of a 4 year old!

For more great ideas of how you can re-use bubble wrap in your own arts and crafts activities then check out—recycle–create.html.

What ideas do you have for bubble-wrap?

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