Farmer Palmers

Farmer Palmers

Its been a lovely sunny day down here so we headed off to farmer palmers for some fun this afternoon, Farmer Palmers is a great farm park in Poole, Dorset. Its full of fun things to do for kids of all ages we’ve been a fair few times now and my girls still love it and get so excited when we go, this afternoon was no exception. With a long list of activities going on everyday including meet and hold a guinea pig, pony grooming, bottle/hand feeding lambs, cow milking demonstrations and tractor rides there’s so much to do, I would advise to go for a whole day rather than just a few hours like we did this afternoon.  

Although it was great weather for us today I know the great British weather isn’t always up to much but here you’ll have plenty of indoor activities too the animal barn is all covered, there’s an indoor bouncy castle as well as an outdoors one, there a big hay barn stacked with hay for the kids to climb up and slides to come back down and a soft play section just by the café.
There’s hot and cold food available in the café or you can take your own picnic and sit at one of the many picnic benches.

So today we started off with a look round the animals Maisy is in her element here she loves that she recognises them all now she gets so excited she doesn’t know what to look at first. Followed by a little cuddle with some super cute guinea pigs I’ve got to admit having kids has made me sooo much braver with these types of things I really am not great with animals I always think there going to bite me so having one of these little guys in my lap without panicking is a big deal I am determined no to rub my irrational fears on to the girls! We then had a race round on the go carts which I took way to serious and a play in the sand and splash park. Next we watched the pig racing I think its hilarious, usually you just see these pigs laying around doing not a great deal so seeing them sprinting down over the little hurdles to the food does tickle me a lot! Quick ice cream break and we were clambering up and down in the hay barn and having a bounce in the bouncy castle.


We definitely did not have enough time today but we still had a great time.
 This is my favourite pic from the whole day we had to go round and say good bye to all the animals (of course) so this is Maisy and Bella saying bye to the sheep and explaining we’re be back to see you again soon – so cute!

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