Moving on from co-sleeping

Lottie’s sleeping pattern is awful! And yes it is all my own fault – from birth Lottie has been fed, rocked and cuddled to sleep every single day. She has always Co-slept with me, at the beginning it was fine we were establishng feeding and getting used to having a new born again – I made my excuses, I enjoyed the cuddles!Then she got harder and harder to settle we’re now at a stage where she’s 10 months old still co-sleeping and come 10-11pm each night I have one wide awake baby who wants to play when I’m desperate to sleep…

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Johnson bedtime lotion – review

At nearly 6 months old baby Lottie is still not in a proper routine she doesn’t have a set bed time like the other two. This is because I’m still breast feeding on demand some evenings she up late feeding just for the sake of it. However this week work started on getting her bedroom all ready for her and I’m hoping she’ll be moved in next weekend! At the moment we have her crib in our room but I wont lie its used as a bed guard because every night she sleeps in with me, I love my baby cuddles all…

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