Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, it’s extra early this year so I have put together some gift idea’s as it is one day that us mummies really do deserve a little bit of spoiling. Not that we shouldn’t be thanked all year round for the hard work we put in but it is nice to one day a year to be made a little bit special and have a little extra treat. What we all crave is just an hour or two to ourselves, no interruptions just time to relax and pamper ourselves. My favourite way to unwind is with…

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How to Help New and Soon-to-Be Parents in the UK

One of the things that mothers hope for their children is that they grow up to stand on their own to feet, both literally and figuratively. Although we risk suffering from empty nest syndrome when they go abroad or to university, it’s important that we teach them to be self-reliant, so that they are capable of taking care of themselves and others in the future. The process of becoming a self-sufficient adult starts at a very young age in school. Children all over the world are learning how to be intellectually and emotionally independent with the help of education, even…

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