Entertaining the kids with the #PowerOfFrozen and fruity parcels

As we enter the last two weeks of the summer holidays you may find yourself in the same boat as me and thats with restless children who are getting a little bit bored and a starting to crave having their old routine’s back. We have had a really fun filled summer break and we still have a few more bits and pieces going but it’s more about keeping them entertained in-between when we are at home. They have amazing imaginations when it comes to playing games but they’re also just growing a little bored of each other – sister dramas have been going…

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Hidden Vegetables Burger with Iceland Food #PowerOfFrozen

Burger’s and cheese cake; if I eat out and their on the menu they are mine. Today I have been getting busy in the kitchen recreating two of my all time favourite foods with a little help from Iceland. I have worked with Iceland on their #PowerOfFrozen campaign in the past, since doing so I have been a complete convert I love the frozen ready sliced veg and herbs they are just so handy and you get a lot more for your money. So on with today’s challenge, Iceland asked me to create a healthy, quality meal whist cutting the hassle…

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Iceland & The #PowerOfFrozen

When my girls started going off to school and nursery I thought to myself ‘great I will have so much more time on my hands, to get the things I want to done.’ Little did I know with school & nursery comes things like school runs, after school activities, playdates, parties – on top of any clubs they’re already a part of. Some days I literally feel like I spend the whole day in the car carting everyone around to where they need to be. One thing that has always been so important to me is providing my children with…

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