Hidden Vegetable Pasta Sauce

We all have those staple go to dishes in our households; those dishes we make almost every week. It’s a dish we know the whole family will enjoy and it’s pretty quick and easy to knock together. For me that dish is Pasta. I know the girls will sit down and eat it with minimal fuss and I know that after a busy day it can be ready super quickly. As you guys may well have read I have been using the Be Food Smart App a lot recently to take a closer look at what we’re eating and find…

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Be Food Smart with Change4Life

As the years go by I have started to take a lot more interest in the products I am using and what is actually inside them, this goes for the cosmetics I use day in day out and foods I eat and feed my daughters. I am a busy working mum and a lot of the things I grab are often for convenience; I love to home cook and bake but as we all know sometimes time just doesn’t allow for this. I find myself reaching for quick easy things, which is fine but I found myself not checking those…

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