Spatone Energy Myth Buster’s & Comp

Back in March I announced my sponsors for Britmums Live as the fab team over at Spatone, I have been loving using Spatone to increase my iron levels – finally something that taste’s good and is easy on the stomach, so much so that I wanted to pass it on to my lovely readers and give one of you the chance to win a 3 month supply of Spatone! All you need to do is enter the raffle copter instructions at the bottom to be in with a chance of winning. But first as you know I have been struggling over the…

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Energy Boosting Tips For Busy Mum’s

We all have those days when the kids wake up is silly o’clock and by 10am we are craving a little nap – Ha fat chance of that with a toddler bouncing off the walls and a laundry basket which is dangerously over flowing. This is me most days so I thought I’d share some energy boosting tips today that can help see you through to at least bed time before you can collapse in a heap! Get moving – the longer I sit and think about how tired I am the more exhausted I feel, If I get up…

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