Our Themed Week: Cars

As you may have read in last week’s Kid’s Corner post I am going to be joining in with What Katy Said’s themed weeks. I loved this idea as soon as I started reading her post’s it’s such a simple way to get yourself being a little more crafty with the children and give everyone’s imagination’s a kick-start! If your like me you’ll often find your self rummaging through the craft box with no clue what so ever as to what you can actually make so in the end you say “here stick this on some paper” – which they are…

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Sensory Play

  Yesterday afternoon me and Bella found ourselves with nothing to do, a rare moment when we were both feeling a little bit bored. We’d just dropped Maisy at nursery, Lottie was asleep and daddy was at work so we had no one to entertain us.   I had a rummage though the arts and crafts box which is a cardboard box on top of the fridge that currently consists of some dried out glue, paper plates and 3 pipe cleaners. Note to self – must stock up on some crafty bits. I know some crafty people could probably create something fantastic with this but I am…

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