Hair glow Rapunzel giveaway

With an all girl house hold disney princesses are a big deal under my roof. They are on top of Maisy’s Birthday and christmas list this year she is obsessed. It’s lovely though as I remember being the same at her age – princess mad! Our current favourites of corse include’s Rapunzel, ever since we saw the hugely successful Disney’s hit film Tangled Maisy has been obsessed which is why the hair glow Rapunzel doll is top of her list. It isn’t just your average barbie doll, Rapunzel’s hair makes her very special. When you brush it, it will begin to magically glow…

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Maisy’s First Trip To London

This time last year I hadn’t step foot in London for years, the idea of traveling up there and lugging around some small children filled me with dread – I’m not gunna lie the city scared me a little. Since I started my little blog opportunities kept popping up and the majority of these were in London, so the last few months I have been up a couple of times by myself for one thing or another and realised that it’s not actually so bad  I really do quite enjoy it – don’t think I could ever live there but its fun for…

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The Disney Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos to take part in the Disney Tag and who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? I may sit and complain when we’re watching a certain frozen film for the 8th time in a row but having kids has really made me fall in love with Disney all over again – if it hasn’t happened to you all ready it will I guarantee it! Here goes; 1.What are your top 5 favourite Disney Films? Lion King the original – not too keen on the sequels but yes love it. Lady…

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