Kidzinmind App – Review

Nowadays most of our children are becoming more and more tech savvy, my 2 year old knows her way around a tablet better than her grandparents. Quick as a flash they have it up and running and are watching there favourite youtuber’s unbox eggs – yes that is a real thing and if your child hasn’t found it yet your days are numbered. Now I love the internet; the internet has given me a career, a career I didn’t even know could be possible a few years ago and I am so happy with where I am and what it…

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Beautiful Bouquets with Postabloom

I love a fresh vase of flowers, it is something I have only really started to appreciate in the last couple of years before then I never really got the fuss, flowers just seemed to die on me and then I’d be stuck with dead bunch until I actually got round to binning them. I think now I am in my new house (say new I have been here over a year)  there is the perfect spot in my kitchen for a nice vase in the window. I seem to spend half my life in the kitchen cleaning or cooking so it…

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Stick Man: Helping Santa App

I was so excited to hear that this year one of my favourite children’s christmas book Stick Man is being made into a film and coming to BBC 1 on christmas day! Stick Man is a lovely little story written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Magic Light Pictures’ are behind the animated adaption of the book which is set to be a highlight of BBC One’s Christmas schedule and stars Hugh Bonneville, Rob Brydon, Martin Freeman, Sally Hawkins, Jennifer Saunders and Russell Tovey. Magic Light Pictures have also just announced the launch of the Stick Man: Helping Santa Christmas app, the perfect solution for…

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