My Girls – June

Maisy (4 years 6 months)  Maisy seems to be getting more and more grown up each day, she has well and truly lost that little toddler look about her and is blossoming into a beautiful clever little girl. This month I went to Maisy’s big school to meet her new teacher for reception this September. I was actually thrilled with who she got as Maisy is friends with her daughter but it has now hit me that she will be going to school – she’s already at the nursery but this is it big girl school no more spur of…

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Lottie 11 month update

Yesterday Lottie turned 11 months!  Thats right in only one short month we will be celebrating her first birthday, and I am yet to formally a range anything! Such an unorganised mummy, but I think were going to have a little party at home with close friends and family and then maybe do a nice day out just the five of us.  My last Lottie update was at 9 months so whats new..  So we’ve had christmas in the mean time – Lottie’s first christmas! Of corse she had no idea at all what was going on but enjoyed all the excitement regardless and obviously playing with…

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Lottie at 9 months

I think I start all my baby Lottie updates in the same way but I’m going to say it again 9 months! Where has that time gone?? They all seem to grow so fast but Lottie has juts passed in a blur thank goodness I started writing this blog so I know have a record of it all. So here she is 9 months old and keeping me well and truly on my toes now!My last update was about her crawling but look at her now standing, she wants to be on her feet all the time and walk along holding hands. Crawling she…

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