Tesco’s Eat Happy Project

Today my big girls and I have been getting busy in the kitchen with the Eat Happy Project from Tesco. I love the idea behind this campaign and as soon as I spotted them on twitter I knew I wanted to be involved and get cooking with the kids throughout the summer holidays. Seeing my girls eat a healthy and well balanced diet has always been massively important to me however we all know toddlers can be little fuss pots at times who refuse even their most favourite dinner. It can be so stressful and frustrating, you spend all this time preparing a delicious…

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Halloween Activities For Toddlers

Halloween is just around the corner and as alway the kids have been up to all sorts of fun activities to get them them in the spooky spirit. These are my 5 fun Halloween activities for toddlers. Halloween Cakes I picked up some orange flavour frosting in asda the other day and a bunch of halloween decorations the kids loved making these spidery cone cakes. Having a cupcake in a cone makes it so much easier for little hands to handle, they get a lot less sticky.  We also made these little fairy cakes using a white chocolate button and…

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parenting torture

Some days I do question whether my sweet innocent children are in fact that or mini trained assassins put on the earth to torture me.Firstly it’s the sleep deprivation 4:50 was not the time I wanted to be woken up this morning but now that they out number us it is completely impossible to get them back to sleep. Until of course I’m up an then about half 6-7 they’ll have an hours nap. Then once up I have to watch 3 of the most anoying things I have ever had to deal with – no not the children, but…

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