Helping your shy child feel more confident

Anybody who know’s Bella well won’t believe I’m writing this they’ll know her as a little ball of energy with that super cheeky smile, at home when she has her partner in crime (Maisy) she can be a little terror – up to all sorts. Take her out of her comfort zone, without Maisy she turns into a different child, very shy, not all that engaging with other children and so so quiet. When Maisy started nursery in September I really noticed a difference in Bella, we went to play groups that she’d usually be happy to run off and…

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Gettin ready to wean

So baby Lottie is now at the age where I am starting to think about weaning! I really don’t know where these last few months have gone, my little baby is not so little anymore :(. Although she has been showing some signs she’s ready and interested in food for the last couple of weeks her weight gain has stayed spot on so I’ve been putting it off slightly, for no reason other than I am completely lazy, breast feeding is so much easier no preparing, cooking, mess or washing up but I know I can’t just keep her on this forever.When should you wean?: Official guidelines say…

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parenting torture

Some days I do question whether my sweet innocent children are in fact that or mini trained assassins put on the earth to torture me.Firstly it’s the sleep deprivation 4:50 was not the time I wanted to be woken up this morning but now that they out number us it is completely impossible to get them back to sleep. Until of course I’m up an then about half 6-7 they’ll have an hours nap. Then once up I have to watch 3 of the most anoying things I have ever had to deal with – no not the children, but…

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