Parenthood – why the competition?

I am usually one to read and then not reply to the ongoing breast VS bottle debate. Recently you’ll have seen your social media feeds filled with the tree of life images it made me want to  jump down from my fence and write this post. The tree of life images essentially show breast feeding muma’s doing their thing in an arty way – they look cool, they do I like them and this isn’t directed at those images personally, it is just seeing them that sparked my need to write. I am all for breast feeding out and proud. Never…

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18 Guarantee’s Of Parenthood

The journey of parenthood is a little nuts too say the least once you think you’ve got it down to a tee and a routine well and truly in place BAM! They’ll throw you a curve ball and it’ll all go down the pan, there aren’t many things you can guarantee will happen when becoming a parent but I have a few I would put money on have happened to you at least once! You’ll eat your kids left over’s and call it lunch – I always forget to feed myself how bad is that but lets face it they have…

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