Bing Magazine

Bella and I recently had a look at the new Bing Magazine. The magazine is based on the show Bing shown on Cebeebies, Bella loves watching Bing on the tv it’s a short but sweet little program which shows Bing usually getting himself into some kind of predicament that he goes on to solve with the help of his friends. Having a magazine specific to one tv show is great, you know if your child is a fan of that show they are going to really love the whole magazine as they recognise the characters throughout and it keeps them…

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Paw Patrol Magazine Review

If you asked my girls what their favourite kids show was at the moment it would 100% be Paw Patrol, ever since they discovered it about 6 months ago the girls have been obsessed! We have Paw Patrol on the box, we have Paw Patrol toys, sticker books, bedding, even PJ’s and now we also have the new Paw Patrol magazine. As the biggest Paw Patrol fan in the house I decided to do this review with Bella, she was so excited to get her  new magazine open and get started on all the activities. I have always found magazine’s…

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