Autumn muffins

You may have spotted a recent post I wrote as part of the Tesco eat happy project when the girls and I got busy cooking along and making some delicious falafels. We had so much fun making these the girls just love getting involved with cooking so when we we’re asked if we would like to try some of their autumnal recipes we jumped at the chance. We have been making some delicious Autumn Muffins – full of lots of goodness for the little ones and also really tasty.   Ready to bake. We followed the really simple step by step…

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Tesco’s Eat Happy Project

Today my big girls and I have been getting busy in the kitchen with the Eat Happy Project from Tesco. I love the idea behind this campaign and as soon as I spotted them on twitter I knew I wanted to be involved and get cooking with the kids throughout the summer holidays. Seeing my girls eat a healthy and well balanced diet has always been massively important to me however we all know toddlers can be little fuss pots at times who refuse even their most favourite dinner. It can be so stressful and frustrating, you spend all this time preparing a delicious…

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Baking with children – The truth

Picture this; its a rainy afternoon kids are at home fighting over my little ponies, I need something quick, something easy we can do together. What shall we do? I know lets bake some cakes! Yes that’ll make a good instagram that will be fun! Mini chef  After 5 minutes I’m reminded of why last time I vowed to never bake with them again, forget the recipes and stories you see on pinterest or the beautiful pictures posted on instagram forget the blogger who just love to get there kids in the kitchen this is it – The truth about baking with children.  So we start off…

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