Party time

Yesterday was Maisys 4th birthday party!! To think this time four years ago I was waddling around the place 12 days over due and feeling pretty pee’d off wandering how much longer it’d be until I would meet my baby. I didn’t have to wait long as the next day Thursday 9th december at 10:02 my beautiful baby girl was here, it was the most incredible life changing day of my.  So yesterday we celebrated her birthday with a big party with all her friends and family, complete with a bouncy castle and mini disco, we had such a fantastic time. We hired the bouncy castle…

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Baking with children – The truth

Picture this; its a rainy afternoon kids are at home fighting over my little ponies, I need something quick, something easy we can do together. What shall we do? I know lets bake some cakes! Yes that’ll make a good instagram that will be fun! Mini chef  After 5 minutes I’m reminded of why last time I vowed to never bake with them again, forget the recipes and stories you see on pinterest or the beautiful pictures posted on instagram forget the blogger who just love to get there kids in the kitchen this is it – The truth about baking with children.  So we start off…

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Guest post Mini Travellers – adjusting expectations

Today I have got a guest post coming from the lovely Karen who writes a fantastic blog Mini travellers, which is full of great holiday and day trip ideas for families with children of all ages – check her out! BC (Before Children obviously not Before Christ although it sometimes feels that long ago) I was lucky enough to travel widely.  Places like Namibia, Bali, Texas, California, Figi, Cooke Islands, Australia were all visited, loved and explored. Beaches were lay on, cocktails were drunk and books (lots and lots of them) were read. I was obsessed with holidays and this…

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