Enjoying the last of the summer sun

Just when I thought summer was over and done with, it seems to have returned this weekend and we have had two beautiful sunny days. I was determined to make the most of them after the rubbish summer we have had this year – and living in Dorset where else would you want to spend a sunny weekend than at the beach. Saturday the girls and I headed down to Sandbanks for some scooter riding, sand castle making and chips! It is hard to believe that next week it will be October with the sun shining like this. Maisy and Bella are…

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New Scooters and Spring

Today was the first day in months I left the house without my coat – this winter has felt so long I think its because the girls are at an age now where they just want to be out and about all the time and although we have gotten out as much as possible it isn’t always easy particularly with the three of them I don’t want Lottie getting to cold! So today seems to be a turning point the hats and scarves are going away and we’re now spending our afternoons in the park or down the beach! Everyone…

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Beaches and Birthdays My Captured Moment #6

Yesterday our little Lottie turned one whole year old! We spent the morning celebrating at home with some pressies and a little cake after lunch just us – it was lovely. We’re having friends and family over on Sunday for a little party at home which will be great but slightly mental with lots of children so was really nice to have bit of a chilled out day. She didn’t really have a clue what was going on but had lots of fun playing on her new toys and thought it was very funny when we were all singing to…

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