Autumn Park Fun

The past few weeks since the cold weather has set in I am sad to say I have turned into a bit of a hermit, the kids have been off to nursery in the mornings so the afternoons were filled with playing at home and its had me feeling a little restless and in need of some fresh air. So as this week we’ve had a bit of a break from the on/off showers and I’ve vowed to try and get outside more with the girls, there’s only so much terrible baking and shoddy arts and crafts one can do!So…

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Simple Autumn Craft

We’ve really been enjoying the autumn so far this year the kids have been loving collecting conkers and leaves and spending lots of time outside. I have been looking for some nice toddler friendly craft ideas that will let us use some of the leaves we have collected, so of course i took to Pintrest and created and Autumn board for some inspiration!With the girls still being quite young and having the worlds shortest attention span i need something thats quite quick and simple for them, and me – the least crafty person in the world! Heres what we came up with; …

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