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  • Working from home with kids

    Working from home with kids
  • A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves

    A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves
  • Delicious Egg-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe

    Delicious Egg-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe
  • One Month Of Elsie

    One Month Of Elsie

Mums List #2

I’m back again linking up to the fantastic Hannah at mums days Mums list, this link up is great for looking back at the week gone by you always forget how much you have done and makes you think about what you’d like to achieve in the week ahead! Real Life This week I really feel like I have done nothing Lotties teething and its really taking it out of her (and me) poor little thing, I really hope this tooth comes through soon so we can have happy little baby back. My older girls never suffered with their teeth so this…

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Teething tips

This last couple of weeks my poor little baby has been abit off when I say abit I mean a lot she’s teething and is not taking it very well atall. Altough this is my third baby this is all new to me I found out the other two had teeth when they just bit me randomly one day, no fuss, no grumbling they just popped up. Lottie however is another story I can feel a tooth just below the surface of her gum but it just won’t come though the happy little baby I’m used to has turned very clingy…

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Johnson bedtime lotion – review

At nearly 6 months old baby Lottie is still not in a proper routine she doesn’t have a set bed time like the other two. This is because I’m still breast feeding on demand some evenings she up late feeding just for the sake of it. However this week work started on getting her bedroom all ready for her and I’m hoping she’ll be moved in next weekend! At the moment we have her crib in our room but I wont lie its used as a bed guard because every night she sleeps in with me, I love my baby cuddles all…

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Wicked wednesday

Weaning fun with baby Lottie this morning, she wasn’t too keen on Apple!  

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My Three Girls

Maisy – Bella – Lottie Have you ever seen 3 children look more a like? Even I’m taken by surprise when I put three pictures together and compare they really could be the same child, thankfully I recognise who’s who mainly by the outfit or surroundings. These 3 pictures were all taken when the girls were roughly 3/4 months and that is the age there little personalities start to show through and I tell you three little girls that look so similar couldn’t be more different. Maisy If I had only one word to describe Maisy it would be Diva, she is the most…

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