Moors valley country park

We had a lovely day out yesterday at moors valley country park. Its so nice there and so much to do, even as busy as it was being the summer holidays it didn’t feel ‘too much’ like I have been finding some places recently.We got there nice and early and headed straight off on the Percy the park keeper trail (loved that book as a kid), where we had to follow the arrows and find logs that had the questions on and put the answers in our trail card, at the end you take it back and get a sticker, was… View Post

Wicked Wednesday

“Another picture mum? Seriously”

Gettin ready to wean

So baby Lottie is now at the age where I am starting to think about weaning! I really don’t know where these last few months have gone, my little baby is not so little anymore :(. Although she has been showing some signs she’s ready and interested in food for the last couple of weeks her weight gain has stayed spot on so I’ve been putting it off slightly, for no reason other than I am completely lazy, breast feeding is so much easier no preparing, cooking, mess or washing up but I know I can’t just keep her on this forever.When should you wean?: Official guidelines say… View Post

banana and chia bites

Needed some yummy healthy snacks for us today to counter act the amount of ice cream that has been consumed by us all recently. so i made some Banana and chia seed bites, they are super easy to make and make a good snack to grab on the go and are a nice alternative to cereal bars. So all you need is: 2 bananas 1 1/2 cups of plain porridge oats handful of chia seeds So start by mashing the bananas really well, the riper the bananas the better. Add the chia seeds and oats and give it all a… View Post

Holiday village Majorca – review

Me and the brood decided to brave our first family holiday abroad last year, this was before baby Lottie, so just Me, Ryan, Maisy (2 at the time) & Bella (1 at the time) set off on an adventure. Traveling with kids is stressful even when just heading to the shops so we searched and searched for a great family holiday and discovered First Choice Holiday villages. They looked absolutely amazing so off we headed on 2nd May 2013 for a week to Holiday village Majorca; an all inclusive break in search of sun, relaxation and lots of family fun. It… View Post