Wicked wednesday

Weaning fun with baby Lottie this morning, she wasn’t too keen on Apple!  

My Three Girls

Maisy – Bella – Lottie Have you ever seen 3 children look more a like? Even I’m taken by surprise when I put three pictures together and compare they really could be the same child, thankfully I recognise who’s who mainly by the outfit or surroundings. These 3 pictures were all taken when the girls were roughly 3/4 months and that is the age there little personalities start to show through and I tell you three little girls that look so similar couldn’t be more different. Maisy If I had only one word to describe Maisy it would be Diva, she is the most… View Post

Mums List

This week I am joining in with Mums list for the first time, a linky hosted by Hannah at mums days I love this linky and have been reading all the posts on it for a while and am now taking the leap and adding my own. I love a list from shopping lists to meal plans to blog ideas it all gets written in one of the many notepads I hoard! So this link up really is spot on for me – here goes! Real Life Last week we had a lovely family day out to Moors valley country park it was so nice… View Post

Silent Sunday

quick every day make up

A question I’ve been asked a lot recently is how do I have time to do my make up in the morning with the 3 kids? it’s not easy pre children I used to spend about half an hour every morning using all different products, now I’m lucky to have 10 minuets. So this post is going to be a little different to usual I’m just going to give you a quick run down of my favourite make up products that I use more or less everyday when I’m rushing about almost always running late for something or other.   I start off with Rimmel’s Matte Perfection foundation all… View Post