Disastrous scones

If you’ve stumbled upon this post looking for fantastic pictures of delicious looking scones with a fool proof recipe for them I’m affraid you’re going to be disappointed these scones went wrong big time but were still to my suprise very tasty. I got the baking bug yesterday but was due a food shop so had limited options after rumaging throught the cupboards and a children’s cook book me an the girls decided to try make some scones.  I think where I go wrong is I don’t follow the recipe I change bits to suit what is in the cupboards… View Post

Building dens – making memories

Today my girls taught me a lesson, they don’t need fancy toys or extravagant days out all they want is my time an attention I already know this but often loose sight of this and am too busy trying to keep our diary jam packed. This was the first day in what feels like forever that I’ve had nothing planned an no where to be so I asked the kids what do you want to play ‘camping’ we usually just make little sleeping bags up on the floor when we play this but today we went one step further and… View Post

Which bottle is best?

Before I start this post id just like to state it’s more of a plea for help..  Baby Lottie is 6 months old she has been exclusively breast fed since day one and basically went straight to the boob an hasn’t left since which don’t get me wrong is brilliant ino some have a really tough time getting the latch correct, but now I’m experiencing other issues that is never even thought about before. She won’t have anything else! I’ve tried expressing, I’ve tried formular not interested, I’ve tried tommee tippee,advent, nuby, beakers and even a normal cup she won’t… View Post

Wicked Wednesday

Went to check on the girls before I went to be and found them in bed together like this! 

Mums List #2

I’m back again linking up to the fantastic Hannah at mums days Mums list, this link up is great for looking back at the week gone by you always forget how much you have done and makes you think about what you’d like to achieve in the week ahead! Real Life This week I really feel like I have done nothing Lotties teething and its really taking it out of her (and me) poor little thing, I really hope this tooth comes through soon so we can have happy little baby back. My older girls never suffered with their teeth so this… View Post