mums list #3

I missed out on last weeks mums list because rather tragically I have been laptopless for over a week and to top it all off I was also phoneless for a couple of days – technology really failed me last week it was very odd after admittedly spending way to much time on my phone in recent months to all of a sudden be cut off, but I actually rather enjoyed it after twiddling my thumbs for half hour thinking I sharnt survive I got on like a normal person and had a really nice relaxing day with the kids.… View Post

Wicked Wednesday

How can that be comfortable. 

Lottie at 6 months

Lottie is 6 mnths old! where has the time gone if the next six months go as fast as the last have I’m going to have a little toddler before I know it. I did a post about her development at 4 months and even though that was only 2 months ago it feels like she’s changed so much.So what’s new with little lady now then: She’s now just rolling about everywhere  at 4 months she had just cracked it an now nothing is safe she just rolls from one side of the room to the other grabbing everything she’s not supposed to!… View Post

Blog – 2 months

My blog is 2 months old today! It feeling like I’ve been blogging for ever, and yet I wish I had started so much sooner, I’d wanted to do it for ages and then 2 months ago I took the leap from reader to writer!  It’s been so much fun I’m still enjoying it as much as day one, I’ve got to admit i didn’t know the half of what goes into it so hats off to all the ‘big time’ blogger mumas out there it’s a lot of hard work!  My tips to any one just starting or thinking… View Post

Disastrous scones

If you’ve stumbled upon this post looking for fantastic pictures of delicious looking scones with a fool proof recipe for them I’m affraid you’re going to be disappointed these scones went wrong big time but were still to my suprise very tasty. I got the baking bug yesterday but was due a food shop so had limited options after rumaging throught the cupboards and a children’s cook book me an the girls decided to try make some scones.  I think where I go wrong is I don’t follow the recipe I change bits to suit what is in the cupboards… View Post