Wicked Wednesday

Child vs carrot 

10 rainy day activities

Today we woke up to a grey and grizzly morning, Which is great for my flowers that I have forgotten to water all week(opps) but not so great for the picnic we had planned in the park today. So we’ve pied that idea off and decided to have a lazy day at home and seen as this horrible weather is forecast to last all week I thought I’d share a list of our favourite things to do on a rainy day!  Baking; we love to bake or attempt to anyway this girls love getting stuck in and helping. Making dens; we… View Post

Silent Sunday

mums list #3

I missed out on last weeks mums list because rather tragically I have been laptopless for over a week and to top it all off I was also phoneless for a couple of days – technology really failed me last week it was very odd after admittedly spending way to much time on my phone in recent months to all of a sudden be cut off, but I actually rather enjoyed it after twiddling my thumbs for half hour thinking I sharnt survive I got on like a normal person and had a really nice relaxing day with the kids.… View Post

Wicked Wednesday

How can that be comfortable.