Wicked Wednesday

Trying to get a nice snap of these two walking along nicely together so I run along ahead slightly and the little sods just kept laughing and running after me! This was the best i managed – FAIL!

Early risers

Picture the scene, I’m tucked up nice an cosy, still snoozing- usually have a two year old in the bed who has kicked her dad out into hers and a baby the other side, as you can already imagine I’ve had a fantastic restful nights sleep.  And then it happens.. The clock strikes 5:30 I hear movement and wish silently if I stay very very still it might go back to sleep.  But no so in walks a 3 year old who has swapped her pjs for a pink swimming costume, tiara on head and wand in hand. She comes in… View Post

The list

So its that time of the week again to look back over the past week an see what we’ve been up to I’m linking this post up to you baby me mummy and mums days for The List.  Real life  This week my eldest daughter started nursery at the school she’ll be going to next year, I’ve had mixed emotions about this I knew she would be fine she loves to socialise with other children but while she was stood there in her little school uniform it did make me well up, she’s so grown up now and quickly turning from a toddler to a little girl!  Another… View Post

Money Saving – Food shopping

After the recent pbloggers chat about budgeting and saving money I have felt a little inspired to put together a list of my top tips to save some pennies on the food shopping each week, as a family of 5 now with children that are never full the food shopping can get a little out of hand, so I am always looking to save a few quid here and there the main things I do to keep us in budget are; Meal Plan Meal planning will save you a ton each week it really will you’ll waste alot less and… View Post

Crawling Babies

The time has come, that time I dreaded; Baby Lottie is crawling!  Its now 3 against one in this house and I really don’t stand a chance she isn’t doing the traditional form of crawling (you know on her knees) she just drags her self along the floor in a commando sort of way but it gets her from A to B and means she can cause a lot of trouble.  Now nothing is safe and she no longer stay still for for than a minute or 2. This is where I found her earlier playing with a potty. (Before the bad mummy brigade come at me… View Post