Wicked Wednesday

The girls playing there favourite game at the moment ‘mummy’s and babies’  This was ‘baby maisys’ new bed! 

The Toddler Years

The Toddler years; what an awesome time, not a care in the world no bills, no housework, they don’t even have to worry about school or homework yet. They wake each day to play, most (mine included) have their parents wrapped round their little finger because lets face it they’re so fricken cute! How i wish i could go back to living the life of a toddler..  Firstly; as a toddler you can leave the house in a tiara, with fairy wings and a wand and its deemed cute, not odd people don’t look at you like you’ve lost the plot, they’ll smile… View Post

Silent Sunday

Happy days #1

I am linking up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said for this post #happydays, which is aimed at inspiring each other to make the most of each day and get our selves motivated! Fab idea so I’m looking forward to joining in every week! Out and About  Last sunday we had a fantastic day at the beach – its October i know the beach (mad)! but it was boiling hot and me and my family all met up at my uncles beach hut and has such a lovely day i love spending time with my family we don’t… View Post

autumn has arrived

October is upon us,  The evenings are getting darker The jumpers are coming out of the back of the wardrobe  It’s official Autumn has arrived!  I love autumn I think its one of the nicest times of year my faviroute things about autumn are;  Clothes! I love all the chunky knit wear, the cosy scarves and boots! I even picked up a couple new little jumpers only primark so not too exciting but makes a change I never usually buy for myself! The darker mornings; completely selfishly, if you read my early risers post you’ll understand I’m hoping the darker… View Post