Homeware Haul

Since we moved into our house almost year ago now i had big plans of how we can tart it up and get it looking how i want it too i love scrolling through pint rest getting loads of ideas. However that all they’ve ever been, plans and ideas we have hardly touched it since we’ve been here what with having another baby and then 2 toddlers to look after things have constantly been put back and its really starting to get to me! So the other day when I nipped into town for a few bits i ended up in wilko, browsing the… View Post

Bio-Oil Competition

Recently I was contacted by the team at Bio-Oil to give it a try and write a review for them. They very kindly send me 2 bottles and I have been loving using it, check out my review here.  Seen as I have been loving it so much I am running a competition for one of you lovely people to win a bottle yourself! To enter all you need to do is Follow me on twitter @AmycooperEM and RT the link I’ve posted. And/Or Like my new Facebook page and Share the status I’ve posted.  Simples – if you do both it’ll gain you two entries!… View Post

Simple Autumn Craft

We’ve really been enjoying the autumn so far this year the kids have been loving collecting conkers and leaves and spending lots of time outside. I have been looking for some nice toddler friendly craft ideas that will let us use some of the leaves we have collected, so of course i took to Pintrest and created and Autumn board for some inspiration!With the girls still being quite young and having the worlds shortest attention span i need something thats quite quick and simple for them, and me – the least crafty person in the world! Heres what we came up with; … View Post

Wicked Wednesday

The girls playing there favourite game at the moment ‘mummy’s and babies’  This was ‘baby maisys’ new bed! 

The Toddler Years

The Toddler years; what an awesome time, not a care in the world no bills, no housework, they don’t even have to worry about school or homework yet. They wake each day to play, most (mine included) have their parents wrapped round their little finger because lets face it they’re so fricken cute! How i wish i could go back to living the life of a toddler..  Firstly; as a toddler you can leave the house in a tiara, with fairy wings and a wand and its deemed cute, not odd people don’t look at you like you’ve lost the plot, they’ll smile… View Post