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Who’s a clever girl standing all by herself! 8 months and growing up far to quickly..

Happy days

I’ve missed out on the last couple of #happydays linkups, my life has been well and truly turned on its head I’ve mentioned about the mouse situation in my post the lodgers but since then we decided to leave the property all together. We were privately renting and I’ve never known a landlord less willing to help and keep their property up to standard the mice were the final straw so now we have moved in with ryan’s grandparents until we find something else luckily they are lovely the kids love them and have two spare bedrooms so we are… View Post

Half term list

Half term has started Maisy and Bella had their last day at nursery today and now have 10 days off! They were both a little sad to not be going in next week so this afternoon we made a half term list of all the fun things they’d like to do next week.  Here’s what they came up with: Can you tell my kids like glitter!?  Carve a pumpkin – I have never had a go as anything more adventurous than the a face so this time we’re going to go for it watch this space! Make Halloween cakes – there is a… View Post

Angel Delight Moments

Angel delight is one of those puddings that instantly takes me back to childhood, we’d always have it as a special treat and shock horror I always had chocolate flavour – being a self confessed chocoholic since the age of around 5. But I’ve not had it in years! My children had never tried it, so I jumped at he chance to try out the new bubblegum flavour.  The packet instructions are for either a milkshake or the more traditional whip. Maisy was so excited when it arrived particularly as it was in a pink box that she’s still playing with a… View Post

Weaning survival guide

Baby turns six months and all of a sudden your bombarded with emails, samples, charts and information packs giving you step by step guides to weaning your baby on to solids. Easy – except what they don’t mention is babies are all different and what works for one may not work for another.Weaning Lottie has not been straight forward, for at least the first month she was completely uninterested, she pursed her lips and refused to even try. Now and 8 months we have finally got to the stage where she is showing interest she wants to try different things,… View Post