My sunday photo

Watching the storms I hear thunder,  I hear thunder,  Hark don’t you?  Hark don’t you?  Pitter patter rain drops  Pitter patter rain drops  I’m Wet through  So are you!

Rock Reef

A few weeks ago I was contacted by fellow mummy blogger Claire from The Witt Family to see if I fancied a trip down to Rock Reef to try out there brilliant indoor activity centre. Rock reef offers different activities to suit all sorts; indoor clip and climb walls, the pier cave (indoor caving), the indoor aerial obstacle course and the pier zip – an amazing pier to shore zip wire! There is also a cafe to grab some snacks. Little ones from the ages of 5 can enjoy the clip and climb there is a minimum weight requirement though.  Me and Claire If I’m perfectly honest this type… View Post

Breast feeding – when’s the right time to stop?

I’m really proud of myself for how long I have managed to feed Lottie, I didn’t manage to get anywhere near as far with Maisy and Bella but this time I was very determined and it just worked – I love feeling so close and connected with her. That doesn’t mean at times in the early days I didn’t struggle there were moments I couldn’t see us making it to 9 days let alone 9 months! I found breast feeding support groups a god send and thank god for google helping me to find the answers to every little question I had.  (Tip for any new… View Post

5 must have baby products for you

Over the years I have discovered some baby products are actually great used as beauty products for me! With three young girls I seem to have these items in abundance so it also saves a few pennies so I thought I’d share my 5 favourites with you! Muslin cloths: Not only to be used for moping up babes puke but great for taking your make up off (obviously I’d recommend a clean one), use with regular cleanser works really well as their nice and big and also a little bit rough so our gently exfoliating and reusable. Sudacrem: If I have a… View Post

Blogfest 2014!

If you read my recent post blogfest you’ll know I was heading off this weekend to a blogging conference hosted by the lovely ladies at Mumsnet, you’ll also know I was incredibly nervous and up until even the night before I was still questioning whether or not I’d actually make it! But come saturday morning with a tummy full of butterflies and not knowing at all what to expect I hopped (or more accurately dragged myself) on to a train at 5:28 and headed off to London – yes trains run at that unsightly hour, who knew!?  After not even 6 months of writing this blog I threw myself in at… View Post